• 17 - 21 June


LEO will be welcoming all new Executives on Executive Trip Cambodia this year!

Your hard work can earn you a FREE trip to Siem Reap, a resort town in northwestern Cambodia, the gateway to the ruins of Angkor and the seat of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th–15th centuries.

This is your opportunity to discover Cambodia, spend time with the LEO Corporate Team, and most importantly, receive world-class training that will help you achieve your next goal - Director.

We cannot wait to celebrate your success and help you work towards your new goals!



There is still time to qualify! To earn your FREE place to Cambodia, achieve Executive rank! Full information can be found in the 'How to Qualify' section.

If you have qualified for your place in Cambodia, you need complete the process of claiming your ticket, applying for your visa (if required) and booking your flights!

We will confirm the dates that all of these things need to be done by, so make sure you check the website and your e-mails daily.

For full T&Cs, please see below. If you have any questions, contact events@WelcometoLEO.com.


To qualify for your FREE trip to Cambodia, you have to achieve Executive rank by no later than 31 March 2019.

Already Executive Rank? You can join your teams in Cambodia and celebrate their success too! Purchase a ticket for £1,800 and book your seat to this exclusive event!

Full T&Cs apply, please read them below. If you have any questions, contact events@WelcometoLEO.com


We will be updating the schedule closer to the event dates, so make sure you check the website to find out what we have planned for you and what you will need to bring with you!

All day arrivals.

Buffet Dinner in the Hotel restaurant

Angkor Wat Sunrise and Exploration trip

A sunrise tour starts at pre-dawn to witness the breathtaking view of the tropical sun emerging from behind the iconic lotus towers of Angkor Wat. Constructed over a period of 30 years during the reign of King Suryavarman II [AD1113], by some measures it is the largest religious complex in the world. Originally a Hindu mountain temple aligned to the spring equinox, around the 16th Century it was converted to a Theravada Buddhist monument, a capacity in which it continues today.

Breakfast in the Hotel restaurant


Including 2 coffee breaks and Lunch in the Hotel restaurant

Welcome Dinner at the Hotel Poolside area (including drinks)

Breakfast in the Hotel restaurant

Hot Air Balloon Trip

Travelling just a short distance away from the central temple complex you will board a tethered balloon affording an expansive bird's eye view of the countryside, the ancient barays (reservoirs) and the iconic wonder of Angkor Wat. Riding at approximately 200m above the ground this is a fun way to appreciate the scale of the Archaeological Park and gain a different perspective on this dramatic World Heritage Site.

Theam's House

Theam's house is a quirky mix of art studio, atelier and gallery. It is overflowing with artisanal products, lacquered panels and works-in-progress by the artist Theam. Theam and his artisan apprentices are helping to revive the Cambodian craft sector. This worthy cause is helping provide both employment and education to Cambodia's young and a sustainable future for aspiring artists.


Angkor Thom

En route to the Terrace of the Leper King, we stop briefly to see an imposing statue that was found in Bayon and which is now displayed at Vihear Prampeilveng. Beginning at the atmospheric Preah Palilay, you will take a short walk (1km) through the shaded parkland behind the terraces. Continuing through Phimeanakas with its beautiful lakes, and the imposing Baphuon you will finally reach Jayavarman's state temple of Bayon at the centre of the city. You can explore this important temple with its many captivating giant stone faces. Your guide will point out the most interesting of the detailed bas reliefs illustrating everyday life in the Angkorian era.

Free evening. Treat yourself to a tuc tuc ride to your dinner destination

Breakfast in the Hotel restaurant

Temples of the Forest

Travelling by road to Ta Prohm, 11km away, you can then take your time to walk through the temple from the West entrance to the East entrance to meet again with your driver (walk is 1–2 km). From the Northwest of Ta Prohm you can take a 15 minute walk through the forest to the temple of Ta Nei (subject to weather conditions). There is a reasonable chance of having this beautiful Angkor temple to yourself to explore. Pause for a light meal around this peaceful area before exploring the area further.

Angkor Wat Exploration

Afternoon free to explore the area further before being taken to the Angkorian temple for dinner. Constructed over a period of 30 years during the reign of King Suryavarman II [AD 1113], by some measures Angkor Wat is the largest religious complex in the world. Originally a Hindu mountain temple aligned to the spring equinox, around the 16th Century it was converted to a Theravada Buddhist monument, a capacity in which it continues today.
Explore the well preserved central complex and detailed bas-reliefs depicting scenes from Hindu mythologies and battles of the ancient empire. The beauty in balance and composition, combined with its sheer vast scale ensure Angkor Wat's place as the crowning achievement in Khmer art and architecture. This is truly one of the world's great adventures.

Farewell Dinner

Dinner will be provided in your own private Angkorian temple. Lit up at night it offers a unique backdrop for any special occasion. Greeted at this stunning setting with pre-dinner drinks and canapés, dine on sumptuous Khmer cuisine and enjoy a traditional Apsara Dance Show for the evening's entertainment. Enjoyed by all in the Angkor era, these intricate classical and traditional theatrical dance-dramas were almost wiped out during the Khmer Rouge regime. Through this beautiful display of highly stylized art form and sparkling costumes, you will gain insight into the current Cambodian cultural renaissance.

All day departures.


Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO) is a global, entrepreneurship training and education company. Our Members work on personal recommendation to introduce others to our products and services.

The LEO Business concept helps individuals to achieve financial independence, security and wealth by helping them to establish their own profitable business.

The LEO Executive Trip is your first major milestone with LEO; this is to celebrate your achievement and get you working towards your next goal – Director rank. If you have not yet achieved this first step, join LEO and see how we can help you transform.

What our Members say

LEO triggers the spirit of entrepreneurship through its unique projects and awesome eLearning products. In LEO I find the support, encouragement and tools to be a better and effective person.

Sameh Osman


What our Members say

LEO offers a very bright future. I am especially very excited about LEOcoin.

I was glad to have a chance to use their multimedia facilities to help me in my business endeavours.

Stone Zhang


What our Members say

I love the training idea of LEO because with these training products we change the lives of many people.

Liaqat Ali Margay


What our Members say

LEO is the legitimate direct selling opportunity for anyone wants to live a better life. LEO shows me the way of learn, earn and own. I learn new experiences, I make new friends, earn money and I own as well.

Rabab Khalid


What our Members say

LEO Platform has opened a world of opportunities for me & my family. I learned how to be a leader, entrepreneur, and a successful person in all walks of my family and professional life. Above all LEO had given me the confidence to continue my struggle towards achieving Doctorate degree in Engineering.

Prof. Mohammad Salman


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LEO Executive Speakers

At LEO, we are committed to providing you with world-class training and education, ensuring that you have the tools that will help you to develop and grow a successful business.

Join us in Cambodia, where our training will be tailor made to help you set goals and targets to take your business further than you ever thought possible.

  • Dan Andersson


    'If there is anything that sums me up,' Dan says, 'it is that I passionately believe in the potential inside people. Anything that someone else has done, you can also do. In fundamental terms, there is no difference between you and other people - the hardware is all the same - the only thing you need is a key to unlock that latent potential.'

  • Mihir Magudia

    Global Director of External Relations

    Mihir has a strong track record of working with major global brands. He has helped them to raise their profile, influence the future shape of their markets and ensure that they are at the heart of political discussions. He is passionate about disruptive technology and the potential to change the way global business operates.

  • Andy Hanson

    Motivational Speaker

    Andy is a proven business leader who is also an effective, motivational speaker and trainer. He has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals in Direct Selling during his career, speaking at over 260 seminars around the world. In the last year, he has conducted over 30 Live Seminars for LEO around the world and is scheduled to do many more in the coming months.


Watch the exclusive highlights from the previous LEO Executive Trips we have done, and use them to help motivate others to achieve Executive too!

Cambodia is waiting for you, make sure you and your teams are there!

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T&Cs & Visa Info

Please read this section carefully and contact the LEO Events team if you have any questions.

How do I qualify for this trip?

  • Minimum age to participate in this incentive as a qualified Member or Guest is 18.
  • Achieve Executive rank between 1 July 2018 and 31 March 2019.
  • Achieve Executive rank between 1 May 2012 and 30 June 2018 but have not yet claimed your award (have not taken the Rank Award), or were unable to attend and LEO has approved an exception.
  • Awards are only available to qualified Members with active agreements during the LEO Executive Trip June 2019 travel dates.

Buy-in option:

  • Buy-in option is available for all Members who are Executive and above and have already receive their Executive Rank Award.
  • Buy-in’s will cost £1,800 GBP, these include the same terms and conditions as stated above for the qualifying member.
  • Only one Buy-in ticket is available per member, there is no option to purchase additional tickets.

Travel Documents:

  • It is the responsibility of the qualifying LEO member to ensure that their own and guests travel documents are organised, should any be required, any travel documents required will be at the cost of the members and not LEO.
  • Qualifiers need to provide LEO with their flight details in time for the transfers to be arranged, flight details can be added in the LEO Backoffice.
  • LEO does not offer the facility for attendees to arrive earlier than the start date of the event or extend their stay after.

Medical and Travel Insurance:

  • All Members and Guests attending the LEO Executive trip 2019, are responsible for purchasing their own international medical and travel insurance.

Travel Bonus:

  • Travel Bonus will only be awarded to qualifying members only, as a contribution towards the qualifying members flights
  • Travel Bonus will not be given to members using the buy-in option.
  • Travel Bonus will only be issued after the qualifying members attendance at the event has been confirmed, the bonus will be distributed to the bonus account within 7 days after the event, a copy of the receipt shall be sent to events@welcometoleo.com
  • LEO has the right to decide and change the limit of travel bonus given to the member depending on the country that the member resides in and the location of the event.

Hotel accommodation:

  • Hotel accommodation for the duration of the Executive trip, including all meals, activities, luggage assistance and taxes and gratuities will be paid for, there may be additional costs for activities not included at the resort.

Airport transfers:

  • Airport transfers from the airport to the hotel, including luggage assistance and gratuities for the driver are included. Transportation is offered for those travelling on the official event dates only.
  • Costs to get to and from the airport in the city of your country of residence are not included.

Luggage fees:

  • Luggage fees will not be subsidised by the LEO company.

Transfer of Ownership:

  • For a qualified Member position, transfer of ownership is not permitted until 2 months after the event.
  • For a non-qualified position, if the ownership is transferred during the LEO Executive trip incentive period then the qualification BP related to this incentive will be reset on both sides.

Redeeming tickets and Refunds:

  • All awarded qualifier’s tickets must be redeemed by the 30.04.2019. Tickets that are not redeemed will not be refunded.
  • All tickets that are bought via the buy in option are non-refundable.
  • No component of the LEO Executive Trip 2019 award (including airfare, hotel accommodations, meals amenities or events) for the Member of their Guest may be rescheduled, exchanged, transferred, sold or redeemed for cash under any circumstances (including rejection of visa application). Only the qualifiers of the incentive are allocated to claim the award.
  • Any Member who has been awarded a place for the LEO Executive Trip 2019 and does not redeem their ticket before 30.04.2019 or does not attend said trip on the dates designated by LEO for any reason whatsoever, forfeits all entitlements to any component of the award.


  • LEO reserves the right to change the dates and/or location of the Executive trip.
  • We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. Such updated documents will be posted online at www.learnearnown.com. This document was last updated on 31/01/2019.

LEO Executive Trip Cambodia has limited spaces available.

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