• February 25th - March 1st
  • Marrakech


Welcome to your future LEO lifestyle.

Congratulations on achieving the esteemed position of Executive rank within LEO. This is the first, large milestone that you have achieved within your LEO business, and we want to celebrate in style. Prepare to land in one of the world's most exotic, and extravagant locations – Marrakech!

The LEO Marrakech Executive trip will be built on three days of training that will help you to focus on your next milestone – Director Rank. It will give you the opportunity to meet and work with likeminded LEO business people, and take part in some incredible, team building activities that will help you make lifelong bonds!

So, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming, and start celebrating in your success with LEO!


Get ready for three days of luxury, business training, team-building and the start of your first step towards your next goals with LEO!

Let us transport you into another reality in this glamourous, surreal city that knows no limits!

Arrive at La Palmeraie resort in Marrakech, check into your rooms, and start enjoying the all-inclusive LEO experience!

Let us transport you into another reality in this glamourous, surreal city that knows no limits!

We are going to start the day with training from Dan Andersson, LEO CEO, Mihir Magudia, Global Director of External Relations, and Andy Hansen, LEO Sales and Training Consultant. They will all have important information on LEO Gold, the Digital Mining Service, and much more!

Once the training has finished, come and join us by the pool for a relaxing drink, head to a private dinner and unwind in paradise!

Let us transport you into another reality in this glamourous, surreal city that knows no limits!

This will be the first of two activity days with your fellow LEO Members and the LEO Corporate team. We are going to show you everything that Marrakech has to offer, as well as some special surprises to really celebrate the success of your achievements!

Let us transport you into another reality in this glamourous, surreal city that knows no limits!

This will be the final day of activities, as well as a final chance to hear from Dan, Mihir and Andy on special topics that will help you achieve your next target – Director Rank!

We will finish the incredible trip with a private meal and enjoy one final sunset here at La Palmeraie resort!

Let us transport you into another reality in this glamourous, surreal city that knows no limits!

Pack your bags and get ready to head back to your LEO business, feeling refreshed and ready with the mind-set to achieve and succeed!


Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO) is a global, Entrepreneurship training and education company using personal recommendation to introduce Members to its products and services.

The LEO Business concept helps individuals to achieve financial independence, security and wealth by helping them to establish their own profitable business.

Your Route To A Real Business Starts Here

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What our Members say

LEO triggers the spirit of entrepreneurship through its unique projects and awesome eLearning products. In LEO I find the support, encouragement and tools to be a better and effective person.

Sameh Osman


What our Members say

LEO offers a very bright future. I am especially very excited about LEOcoin.

I was glad to have a chance to use their multimedia facilities to help me in my business endeavours.

Stone Zhang


What our Members say

I love the training idea of LEO because with these training products we change the lives of many people.

Liaqat Ali Margay


What our Members say

LEO is the legitimate direct selling opportunity for anyone wants to live a better life. LEO shows me the way of learn, earn and own. I learn new experiences, I make new friends, earn money and I own as well.

Rabab Khalid


What our Members say

LEO Platform has opened a world of opportunities for me & my family. I learned how to be a leader, entrepreneur, and a successful person in all walks of my family and professional life. Above all LEO had given me the confidence to continue my struggle towards achieving Doctorate degree in Engineering.

Prof. Mohammad Salman


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Leadership is a way of being - hear from our exceptionally talented line-up of experienced Leaders who live out their principles of Leadership and Entrepreneurship on a global scale with LEO. Learn how you can be bigger, how you can be more bold, and push back the boundaries to discover the great Leader that is within you!

  • Dan Andersson


    If there is anything that sums me up," Dan Andersson says, "it is that I passionately believe in the potential inside people. Anything that someone else has done, you can do also.

  • Mihir Magudia

    Global Director of External Relations

    Mihir has a strong track record of working with major global brands. He has helped them to raise their profile, influence the future shape of their markets and ensure that they are at the heart of political discussions. He is passionate about disruptive technology and the potential to change the way global business operates.

  • Andy Hanson

    LEO Sales Training Consultant and Personal Development Specialist

    Andy Hansen is a proven business leader who is also an effective speaker—not just a speaker who knows something about business!

    He has trained over 50,000 professionals in Direct Sales during his career and spoken at over 260 seminars and conventions, sharing his unique view on life, teachings, business experience and wisdom.



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