• 17 - 21 June


LEO will be welcoming all new Executives on Executive Trip Cambodia this year!

Your hard work can earn you a FREE trip to Siem Reap, a resort town in northwestern Cambodia, the gateway to the ruins of Angkor and the seat of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th–15th centuries.

This is your opportunity to discover Cambodia, spend time with the LEO Corporate Team, and most importantly, receive world-class training that will help you achieve your next goal - Director.

We cannot wait to celebrate your success and help you work towards your new goals!



There is still time to qualify! To earn your FREE place to Cambodia, achieve Executive rank! Full information can be found in the 'How to Qualify' section.

If you have qualified for your place in Cambodia, you need complete the process of claiming your ticket, applying for your visa (if required) and booking your flights!

We will confirm the dates that all of these things need to be done by, so make sure you check the website and your e-mails daily.

For full T&Cs, please see below. If you have any questions, contact events@WelcometoLEO.com.


To qualify for your FREE trip to Cambodia, you have to achieve Executive rank by no later than 31 March 2019.

Already Executive Rank? You can join your teams in Cambodia and celebrate their success too! Purchase a ticket for £1,800 and book your seat to this exclusive event!

Full T&Cs apply, please read them below. If you have any questions, contact events@WelcometoLEO.com


We will be updating the schedule closer to the event dates, so make sure you check the website to find out what we have planned for you and what you will need to bring with you!

Sunrise over Temples, full day of training and welcome dinner.

Full day of site seeing and visiting ancient temples in Cambodia.

Full day of site seeing, finishing off with a farewell dinner.

All day departures.


Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO) is a global, entrepreneurship training and education company. Our Members work on personal recommendation to introduce others to our products and services.

The LEO Business concept helps individuals to achieve financial independence, security and wealth by helping them to establish their own profitable business.

The LEO Executive Trip is your first major milestone with LEO; this is to celebrate your achievement and get you working towards your next goal – Director rank. If you have not yet achieved this first step, join LEO and see how we can help you transform.

What our Members say

LEO triggers the spirit of entrepreneurship through its unique projects and awesome eLearning products. In LEO I find the support, encouragement and tools to be a better and effective person.

Sameh Osman


What our Members say

LEO offers a very bright future. I am especially very excited about LEOcoin.

I was glad to have a chance to use their multimedia facilities to help me in my business endeavours.

Stone Zhang


What our Members say

I love the training idea of LEO because with these training products we change the lives of many people.

Liaqat Ali Margay


What our Members say

LEO is the legitimate direct selling opportunity for anyone wants to live a better life. LEO shows me the way of learn, earn and own. I learn new experiences, I make new friends, earn money and I own as well.

Rabab Khalid


What our Members say

LEO Platform has opened a world of opportunities for me & my family. I learned how to be a leader, entrepreneur, and a successful person in all walks of my family and professional life. Above all LEO had given me the confidence to continue my struggle towards achieving Doctorate degree in Engineering.

Prof. Mohammad Salman


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LEO Executive Speakers

At LEO, we are committed to providing you with world-class training and education, ensuring that you have the tools that will help you to develop and grow a successful business.

Join us in Cambodia, where our training will be tailor made to help you set goals and targets to take your business further than you ever thought possible.

  • Dan Andersson


    'If there is anything that sums me up,' Dan says, 'it is that I passionately believe in the potential inside people. Anything that someone else has done, you can also do. In fundamental terms, there is no difference between you and other people - the hardware is all the same - the only thing you need is a key to unlock that latent potential.'

  • Mihir Magudia

    Global Director of External Relations

    Mihir has a strong track record of working with major global brands. He has helped them to raise their profile, influence the future shape of their markets and ensure that they are at the heart of political discussions. He is passionate about disruptive technology and the potential to change the way global business operates.

  • Andy Hanson

    Motivational Speaker

    Andy is a proven business leader who is also an effective, motivational speaker and trainer. He has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals in Direct Selling during his career, speaking at over 260 seminars around the world. In the last year, he has conducted over 30 Live Seminars for LEO around the world and is scheduled to do many more in the coming months.


Watch the exclusive highlights from the previous LEO Executive Trips we have done, and use them to help motivate others to achieve Executive too!

Cambodia is waiting for you, make sure you and your teams are there!

LEO Morocco Executive Trip 5 - 9 October 2018

Our LEO Executives were treated to an all-inclusive stay in Marrakech, which included a trip into the Atlas Mountains and world-class training pushing them to achieve more with LEO!

LEO Nepal Executive Trip 25 February - 1 March 2018

We took our brand new LEO Executives to the top of the world! This trip was truly a chance for our Members to see a totally different lifestyle and embrace new culture to the fullest.

LEO Dubai Executive Trip 6 - 10 October 2017

Our new LEO Executives got to witness a stunning sunset in amongst the sand dunes and finish off with a 5* dinner next to the Burj Al Arab!

LEO Dubai Executive Trip 6 - 10 March 2017

The trip of fire and ice! We gave our new LEO Executives both a chilling experience and hot one, watch the video to see how they coped in both extremes!

LEO Dubai Executive Trip 16 - 20 October 2016

Our new LEO Executives were taken into the air and got a birds-eye view of all of Dubai, including the most famous landmark - The Palm!

LEO Dubai Executive Trip 13 - 17 March 2016

The first LEO Executive trip took new LEO Executives into the Palm where they were able to swim with dolphins AND enjoy the world-famous water park!


T&Cs & Visa Info

Terms and conditions

Please read this section carefully, and contact the LEO Events team if you have any questions.

  • Minimum age to participate in this incentive as a qualified Member or Guest is 18.
  • Achieve Executive rank between 1 July 2018 and 31 March 2019

Achieve Executive rank between 1 May 2012 and 30 June 2018 but have not yet claimed your award (have not taken the Rank Award), but were unable to attend and LEO has approved an exception

  • Awards are only available to qualified Members with active agreements during the LEO Executive Trip June 2019 travel dates. If a Member has achieved qualification but is found to be in breach of LEO’s Terms and Conditions, the incentive award will be deemed invalid.
The LEO Executive Trip Award Package includes the following:
  • One ticket for the qualifying member, no option to purchase additional tickets
  • Travel bonus towards round-trip airfare from the closest major international airport to the location will be added to Bonus Account for those qualifiers that will attend the event. The amount of the travel bonus depends on the country where the qualified LEO account is registered. Please check your LEO back office for exact amount.
    Note: Luggage fees and costs to get to and from the airport in the city of origin are not included.
    Note: Travel bonus will be paid after the LEO Executive Trip and only paid if the qualifying Member attended the full event LEO Executive trip, whichever date they attended. A copy of the airfare receipt must be sent to events@WelcometoLEO.com.
  • Airport transfers including luggage assistance and gratuities for the driver. Transportation is offered for those travelling on the official event dates only. Qualifiers need to provide LEO with their flight details by a specified date set by the LEO Events team in their back office ticket edit section
  • Hotel accommodations for four nights at the official Executive Trip 2019 hotel, including daily breakfast, all taxes and gratuities and luggage assistance.
    Note: The hotel is NOT all-inclusive, and any additional meals or activities that qualified Member chooses to participate in are not provided for by LEO.
    Note: Additional nights before or after the event will be at the expense of the Member, not LEO. LEO can help with arrangements only.
  • All meetings, special events and meals as per the LEO Executive Trip agenda.
  • No component of the LEO Executive Trip award (including airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, amenities or events) for the Member may be rescheduled, exchanged, transferred, sold, or redeemed for cash under any circumstances (including rejection of visa application). Only the qualifier of the incentive is allowed to claim the award.
  • Only qualified Members and eligible Buy-in Members will be admitted into LEO organized activities, trainings, events or meals during the LEO Executive Trip.
  • All Members attending LEO Executive Trip are responsible for purchasing their own international medical & travel insurance.
  • Members are responsible for obtaining their own travel documents, visas and passports at their own expense.
    Note: LEO will provide an invitation letter and hotel reservation confirmation, on request, to support the visa application.
  • LEO reserves the right to change the dates and/or location of the LEO Executive Trip.
Buy-in option:
  • Buy-in option is available for all Members who are Executive and above and have already received their Executive Rank Award.
  • Buy-in Option at price of 1800 GBP includes the same terms & conditions as stated above for the qualifying Member EXCEPT they will not be paid a Travel Bonus.
  • Buy-ins are responsible for purchasing their flight tickets, no Travel Bonus is given.
  • Only one Buy-in ticket available per Member, no option to purchase additional tickets.
Qualifying Member non-attendance:
  • A qualifying Member for the LEO Executive Trip who does not attend with a valid reason may be offered a future LEO Executive Trip upon request.
  • The Executive Rank Award cannot be taken in any other form than the LEO Executive Trip
Transfer of ownership:
  • For a qualified Member position, transfer of ownership is not permitted until July 2019.

Visa Information

  • Please ensure that you check with your local travel agent as to whether a visa is required for you to attend the set location of the LEO Executive trip.
  • The LEO Events team will provide you with all of your supporting documents needed for a visa application.
  • You can request a visa through your LEO Member Back Office when redeeming your ticket for the LEO Executive trip.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all the supporting documents you need to submit for your visa application are within date and correct.
  • LEO does not take any responsibility for visas not being submitted in time or being rejected.

If you have any questions regarding your visa, please contact events@WelcometoLEO.com or cn.support@WelcometoLEO.com.

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